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How to Make Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is a fabulous idea for decorating your home. One thing that holds many people back though is the cost of it. You can expect to pay several hundred dollars for high quality metal wall art. While you can get pieces for much less, you don't know how durable they are going to be and you don't want to have to replace them down the road. A good option is to make your own metal wall art.

There are a variety of different tools you are going to need before you get started. Safety needs to be a priority when you are working on metal wall art because you don't want to cut yourself with the metal or get something in your eye. Make sure you have thick gloves and safety glasses for your own protection.

Many people select a pattern to make metal wall art projects including pictures and clocks. You can find these patterns online to purchase or at your local craft store. For those with advanced skills, it is acceptable to create your own metal wall art without a pattern to follow. Depending on the project you are working on there are many other supplies you may need including paint, a mallet, a hammer, nails, primer, sealer, tools for embossing, and sandpaper.

You will also need to decide on the type of metal you want to work with. Aluminum is the easiest to create fabulous metal wall art with because it is very flexible. It is also quite inexpensive so you can buy large amounts of it without a significant investment.

You may want to take metal wall art classes in order to help you master the basic skills. These can be found at various craft stores and at some community colleges. The cost of the classes depend on what you will be learning. The internet is a great resource for helping you find metal wall art classes that you can sign up for.

If you prefer to learn about metal wall art at home, you can purchase books and videos. There are also tutorials available online that you can access free of charge. It is important not to limit yourself when it comes to the many designs you can create with the right tools and some basic skills. Metal wall art is a hobby that you will enjoy and people will love the pieces of work you have made. Imagine being able to proudly tell guests that you made what is hanging in a room of your home when they ask you where the metal wall art was purchased.

Many individuals have taken their love of making projects with their metal wall art and turned it into a profitable business. You can make various items to sale at local craft shows or at a flea market. You can also take custom orders to provide people with the pieces of metal art work they are interested in. As the quality of your work spreads by word of mouth you may soon have more work coming your way than you ever imagined.

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